Michael Howell

Michael Howell is CEO of CrossBorder Capital, a London-based independent research firm that he founded in 1996 as. Previously he was Head of Research for Baring Securities and Research Director of Salomon Brothers, the US investment bank.

The liquidity methodology he pioneered monitors Central Bank behaviour in over 70 countries world-wide on a monthly basis. Liquidity flows are a central part of CrossBorder Capital’s asset allocation advice, which is currently provided to around 100 major global investors, including institutional asset managers, government agencies, Central Banks and endowment funds.

CrossBorder Capital is also the investment advisor to the Solar (hedge fund of funds) and the Pulsar Funds (quant based funds using ETFs). Michael has been in financial markets since 1981 and is a regular conference speaker and media commentator.

He graduated from Bristol and London Universities, and lives in Oxford with his family.