About Us

Who is Citywire?

Citywire helps professional mutual fund buyers and investors around the world to Make Better Investments.™

We have been doing this since 1999 for select groups of professional investors across Europe, Asia, the United States and Latin America.

To serve these audiences, we produce 10 magazines and more than 40 websites.

Every year we host around 3,500 delegates at 80 events – which is where you will find the terrific speakers featured on this site.

Citywire also publishes unique Fund Manager Ratings, which track the career performance records of some 15,000 active mutual fund managers around the world.

Citywire is based in London which is home to most of our 220 staff. We also have offices in Hong Kong, Milan, Munich, Singapore and New York.

To find the right Citywire website for you

Simply Google ‘Citywire’ or visit citywire.co.uk

To find out about Citywire Events

If you are an asset management company interested in reaching our select fund buyer delegates at our events, please contact our events team on events@citywire.co.uk or +44 (0)207 840 2458

To find out more about us

Please visit aboutcitywire.com

To suggest a speaker

Have a favourite speaker you’d like to see on stage at one of our events? Please drop us a line below with your recommendation.

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